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This section is devoted to all programs that are not games. Most of them are designed to help produce games though, hehe.

ASCII Viewer
ASCII Viewer is a small program i whipped up that displays all the default ASCII characters with their index number next to them. CRT programmers need this type of program to help pick out unusual characters.
Ascii.exe (4.75Kb) (0.63Kb)
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256 Colour Shader
A very complicated program that allows you to generate fog tables with variable amount of levels. The Colour Shader works by extracting a palette and calculating what the closest matching colours should be for a fog table. This is a good way to create fog effects in 3D engines or to create a true dimmer for pictures. Be warned, the generation is very accurate and so takes a while to complete a table. However, once built the table can be used to make impossibly fast programs.
CShader.exe (20.6Kb) (1.69Kb)
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AlphaOne Generator
The problem with mode 13h is that it is only 256 colour. This means that effects like transparency cannot be done on the fly. Results have to be calculated and matched to the closest palette index. This is slow and a table can make transparency a possible effect. As with the colour shader, this program is very accurate and takes even longer due to 16,711,680 loops. AlphaOne means the mapping of every colour on top of another colour at a percentage alpha. This sort of table is normally used for sprite/image layering. This means you can achieve smoke/ghost effects and lens flares in games.
AlphaOne.exe (10.6Kb) (1.73Kb)
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