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Ideas for the future

Here is a large list of what I am thinking about making in the near future. Each idea has an expected time. Please do not think that I will have them all done in that time. It is merely an indication of how long it would take me if I chose that project first. However, once I get going you can bet there will soon be a great game ready for you to download. Remember, one thing though. I am a TP programmer, not a WinC++ programmer. Don't start expecting Quake IV from me!


The idea of airstrike is once again off of an old game. Paratrooper was a game where a moving turret had to shoot down incoming air attacks. I have made two games like it before but neither I could call complete. And so I hope to complete one this time. (EXPECTED...1-2 MONTHS)


There have been many famous bat and ball games out such as Krypton Egg, Arkanoid and the latest DXBall. I have found these games very addictive. The code to making a game like this is fairly easy too, so I hope to make an arkanoid game soon. The Arkanoid game will feature a wide range of pickups never seen before and hopefully some smooth arcade frame rates. (EXPECTED 1-3 MONTHS)


I have relised a growing importance of correct collision detection. This has lead to interesting box building programs. I hope to create a simulator of how boxes collide and stack up on each other. I might try to get alterable variables in it too like friction, mass and reflection. (EXPECTED...1-4 MONTHS)

Dungeon Master

A long time ago a game called Dungeon Master came out. The idea was you took a group made up of medivial warriors, clerics, wizards and ninjas through deep dungeons. Throughout the way you would have to battle weird monsters and solve puzzles. Although its not one of my favourite ideas, I would like to make a Dungeon Master at sometime even though it is heavily image dependant. (EXPECTED...To Be Confirmed)


One of my favourite games of all time is strangely a game that is very outdated now. Elite and Frontier brought an entire universe with billions of star systems. The game was basically a big random seed. You set off as a trader and battle pirates. If you get bored of making millions, you could join a military superpower to enrol for missions. If your ranking was high enough you would get secret equipment. I would like to make a 2D Polygon engine for a game like Frontier in 2D. A big emphasis would be on multiplayer, although the ideas are a little sketchy. As this is a bigger project, i might get some help on it. (EXPECTED...To Be Confirmed)

Java Games

At some point in time, I will probably move onto Java. When I crack Java I will make a couple of Java Games for the site. They will probably be primative though. (EXPECTED...6 MONTHS)

Missile Command

I've tried to make a missile command before and unfortunately found that the unit I was using was too slow. More recent ones I have obtained could easily do the job. Once again, I hope to use QUBE instead so that I can chuck a load of cool features into the game. These features include...Backgrounds, alpha image explosions and a lot of good pixel art. (EXPECTED 1-2 MONTHS)


A game that is sadly quite rare to be able to download. The only Pacman games I have ever downloaded have been only ok. I've always wanted to make a Pacman game because I enjoy writing AI and you cant deny that a game like Pacman needs AI. This project is difficult so it may take some time. (EXPECTED...2-3 MONTHS)

Proteus 3D

Experimental 3D engines I have produced have always been slow and lacking functions. I hope to better my previous attempts of creating a 3D engine this time round. Unfortunately, making this engine could prove to take even longer than QUBE. I'm not entirely sure that I will create the engine in TP though. I might port over to C++ or OpenGL. I can then make the experience an educational one then. Not to mention that both are faster than TP. (EXPECTED...3-6 MONTHS)

QUBE : The Game Unit

For a long time I have been learning ASM and resently a slightly different kind of ASM, TASM. My experience of TASM, is that it is so fast that some commands crash fast computers. It has taken time to get around that bug, but I'm there now. With a combination of TASM and Turbo Pascal/C++ I will be able to make a fast game unit. I am already well into the experimental versions of QUBE, and I will post an early version of QUBE soon. Once I make QUBE, I will be able to use it to create future games for the site, so this particular project is important. (EXPECTED...1 MONTH)


Snake has been and always will be a true classic. An extremely addictive multiplayer game. Original snake games just feature boring single levels with 10 pills. I hope to make a sprite snake game with say ten to twenty different pickups. The game will also feature a few challenging levels and maybe even a level editor. (EXPECTED...1-3 MONTHS)

Space Invaders

Once upon a time, a long time ago I created a primative version of space invaders. I found it fairly easy, and once I have finished the QUBE unit I will create a space invaders game with loads of levels and a high-score board. (EXPECTED...1-2 MONTHS)


Remember that little puzzle game where you had a picture swapped about in 9 squares. There is a hole in one of them, where from which you must switch the pieces about until the picture is whole. I have made simple versions of this game before and in grid sizes up to 10x10! I would like to make another one with numbers and a custom PCX! (EXPECTED...1-2 MONTHS)

Tank Wars

Tank Wars is a game kinda like worms that was thought up AGES ago. A number of players are put on 2D hilly landscape and each player tries to destroy other players using a variety of weapons, power and angle. Once again, I've made a primative version of this game before but I can add some really cool features to this game if my QUBE unit is fast enough. Possible features include...Multipage level, correct floor physics, correct grass collapse and good AI. (EXPECTED...2-3 MONTHS)


I have always been amazed how popular tetris was and still is. The whole variety of versions out of tetris is astronomical. I would like to get round to making one soon with a lot of art. However, due to the complicated code, Tetris may take sometime to create. (EXPECTED...2-4 MONTHS)