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Pitspawn welcomes you to THE PIT
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Thanx for checking out my site. The Pit was designed so that I could give away the programs I create for free. I do this not because I am mad, but so that I can find out what people think of them. Although I have a lot of ideas on what I can create, I cannot think up of that much. That is why I need opinions on existing work and ideas for new ones.

I have a few friends who are as talented, if not more talented than me at programming. Most of them have a web page with their programs in it. The links are at the bottom of the page or in the links section. I will try to update this site as often as I can with new programs.


04/10/00 : New Project...Sorry about the long wait for any news, it's just that I've been real busy recently. After obtaining a copy of Tasm 4.0, I have been able to find out why my original Tasm Qube never worked. I've solved that now, and I am currently working on a new version of Qube in Tasm 4.0 which will feature new 586 instructions. I have also recently became interested in DJGPP (The compiler that was used to create games such as Quake I and Frontier:The First Encounters). I will try learning that soon so that I can make some new games quickly. Oh, and I'm not the only one who's interested in DJGPP, DjAttitude is too. Check out his website as he should soon have an early version of Deminious C on his site.

25/09/00 : Compatability...I've messed around with my website to make it Netscape compatable. My site can now be viewed with netscape browsers as well as IE browsers.

20/09/00 : QUBE 0.8 Beta...After countless attempts, I have decided to leave the line command to later. I will release what I am up to so far but it is a very early version of Qube. I am currently working on image routines for game creation. The coding is difficult so I cannot say what day the next release will be on.

18/09/00 : New Stuff...I thought it was about time that the website should be advertised and I wanted a message board too. The message board will give everyone who visits the site a change to submit any ideas or ask for help on a programming matter.

15/09/00 : QUBE Beta close...Well, it's Friday and theres no QUBE Beta yet. Sorry about this, I've been busy on other matters but QUBE Beta is very close. I have a large array of commands in QUBE so far. I will launch the Beta version as soon as I finish the DWORD Line command.

12/09/00 : QUBE Progress...For a long time I have been extending the release date of the prototype version of QUBE. Well I can say that I have overcome a lot of problems that I thought I would not solve. Now I have a good number of commands in QUBE with full clipping and unmatchable speed. I now think that I could release version 1.0 by Friday.

11/09/00 : New Program...Earlier on I created the Colour Shader and promised an AlphaOne generator. I have created the AlphaOne generator now and it's in the programs section if you want it. Oh, and I would really like to know all of your opinions on my new graphics. Please email me your thoughts on the matter.

10/09/00 : New Look...Its still a bit rough but I just couldn't wait to update my graphics. The layout is still the same as before but I now incorporate 3D graphics. Tell me what you think of the new look and email me at

09/09/00 : Updating Website...I designed all of this website with painstaking pixel art. I think that although it looks fairly good, I believe I could make it better. I have been creating a complicated 3D version of my site and I will post the updates in a day or so. And if you noticed, the counter is at zero now. This is because my old account with Fast Counter was corrupt and faulty.

08/09/00 : QUBE delayed...The whole week, I have been working on QUBE in BASM. The benchmarks I performed on my ordinary routines were fast, but my clipping routines are a little too slow. This means that I will have to rewrite a lot of my code. I also believe that it there isn't much point of releasing QUBE with the current number of commands. I have extended my deadline to next week. I have been working on some blurring programs recently but by using a shaded palette. The results have been quite fast and impressive. I am also thinking about improving some of the graphics on my, page. Though, I doubt I would finish them soon.

07/09/00 : Coding section up...Not much to say but that the coding section is now up with a good amount of files too. If you are a true TP programmer, you should have the files already. If you don't have them, you should get them.

06/09/00 : Progress on QUBE...I have overcome a few serious problems with the unit now and I have quite a few more routines in QUBE now. Almost all routines now match or beat the current fastest units I know so the final unit should be great. At the moment I am deep in developing QUBE so I haven't fully optimised my code yet. But an early version of the unit may still be released by Friday. I will also have the coding section up in a day or two, so visit again soon.

04/09/00 : New programs!...I got a little distracted from QUBE and decided that I would create a colour shader and an ascii viewer. I might make the transparency one table next, as I need it for the best functions of QUBE. Check out the coding section for the new files. I have come across a serious problem with QUBE today. My work so far is in TASM, but TP cannot use a mixture of 386 and 286 instructions. I have restarted QUBE in BASM. Unfortunately this means slower routines on some commands. But BASM is a lot more compatable anyway.

03/09/00 : Webpages complete...I've spent most of today adding bits here and there, and now I think the site is presentable. I've also added a counter, thanx to I will not be performing major changes for a while now, I am working on QUBE. I hope to have an early version in the coding page by friday.

02/09/00 : THE PIT is up and online!...After a load of hours racking me brain over HTML and painting the art, my sites now here! I don't like sites that have nothing in them, so I will try to get my site as full as I can. And, I'll probably be touching the site up every two minutes at home, so make sure you come back later.

If you would like to contact me on anything to do with my site or with the programs I make, then email me at
If you would like to visit my friends' sites you can goto one of the links below...

Genisis Delta
Owned by DjAttitude (Carl Going). The site is centered mainly around a 3D engine. The engine is one of the fastest powered Turbo Pascal engines. The amount of features to it is constantly going up too. Be sure to visit this site and try out the latest version which is of a modest size.
6th Dimension
Owned by Centuri (Mark Claxton). An interesting site, as Centuri has many interests. As a result his site is filled of just about everything to do with computers. The site is currently undergoing construction and should be finished soon. If your not looking for anything specific, his site is definately worth a browse.

ALL of the art on the site is mine and I would appreciate it if it stayed mine. If you would like to use any of my art, please contact me first.