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Link Page

This page contains a whole lot of good sites that can be used for specific things. I will keep adding good sites that I find to this page. If you know of a sensible site that you think would be popular, just e-mail me the URL and I will think about adding it.

Download Speed
If you are using a dial-up modem, you will find that your modems connection speed is not actually what you get when you are downloading. You can use this online utility to find an accurate measurement of your connection speed. This is very helpful for benchmarking which ISP you want to use at a moment in time.
Winzip is a compression utility that compresses and uncompresses many different formats. A must if you download compressed files.
The default IE & Netscape browsers download files into buffer. GetRight is an independant download assistant. It allows a resume on files so that you can stop a file from downloading and continue later. This is a must for big file downloads.
Alta Vista
If your looking for something specific, i doubt you will find it without a good search engine. Alta Vista has a powerful boolean search for all those who know how to use it. By far the best search engine around.
Symantec Virus Solutions
What ever computer virus/trojan/paracite problems you have Symantec is the website for you. It is THE foundation database for every major virus scanner and has information on viruses created within 24 hours of their discovery! Symantec is so good that they had virus removal for the love-letter worm 6-9 hours after its release!
If you are a resident in the United Kingdom and you would like an arial shot or a street map of a specific area, this site is a must. Streetmap gives you a variety of search options to find an area. These include a postcode search, a road search and telephone number search.
Those of you who are blessed with a 3D accelerator card should recognise that fps is god when it comes to games. To improve fps, tweak your card. Tweak3D offers many tweak guides for configurable hardware.
Because Caligari's site is strictly designed for their trueSpace product, they hold monthly 3D picture competitions. The awesome pictures that winner and runner-up trueSpacers create are held in dated galleries.
The MP3 format took the Internet by storm by taking CD quality music to a size that you could bare. WinAmp is probably the most well known MP3 playback utility. WinAmp also features customizable skins and DSP visualisations.
Napster is a shared level access MP3 transfer program. Its creation has caused fierce court battles, but Napster is still somehow legal. What it allows you to do is search for a song and download it from someone else who is connected to a Napster server. A program like no other.
Programmers Heaven
Programmers Heaven is a long running website dedicated to source code on almost any programming language. A good place to explore.
3D Engine List
The BIGGEST ever directory of 3D engines created, although the owner of the site has let development lapse for almost a year now. But a great place for source code and tutorials for the world of 3D.
The creation of the API has meant that programmers have to do less with the graphics side of games. Because of this breakthrough, it means that you don't have to be a genius to program a game with an API. This site has many tutorials, source codes, programs and games to keep you interested.
TP Programmer
The Turbo Pascal Programmer Page is a web site that is designed for all areas of programming in DOS/WIN Pascal. A site with a lot of files.
Java Arcade
If you are using a PC with a fairly high specification and you are bored, then you must visit this site. Java Arcade is full of different playable java games. There are a few very good games here that you will not be able to get off of!

Genisis Delta
Owned by DjAttitude (Carl Going). The site is centered mainly around a 3D engine. The engine is one of the fastest powered Turbo Pascal engines. The amount of features to it is constantly going up too. Be sure to visit this site and try out the latest version which is of a modest size.
6th Dimension
Owned by Centuri (Mark Claxton). An interesting site, as Centuri has many interests. As a result his site is filled of just about everything to do with computers. The site is currently undergoing construction and should be finished soon. If your not looking for anything specific, his site is definately worth a browse.