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Coding Help

All the files in this section are aimed so that you can create better games. At the moment only the Qube unit here was created by me, but the files here are all still essentials for TP programmers.

QUBE 0.8 Beta
QUBE is a blazing fast 2D unit designed for classic arcade graphic games. I wrote this unit myself and I do not want anyone else distributing it without my permission. The version is very early and lacking a lot of planned routines but it is still worth downloading. Watch this space for version 0.9 Beta. (2.68Kb)
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PXD Tutorials
The Peroxide tutorials were written a long time ago. They were designed to show people how to do things like raycasting, correct 3D engines and other things that you need to create good games.
PXD01 (72.2Kb)
This tutorial explains how simple textured wall raycasting is done.
PXD02 (10.8Kb)
Unfortunately, TP only provides the user with a maximum of 640kb of memory to play with. This tutorial explains how to use EMS so that you can have much more texture memory.
PXD03 (21.7Kb)
The third tutorial in the series shows how to do the easier things in true 3D. It uses its own polygon command too, so you can find out how they are done too.
PXD04 (27.1Kb)
A follow up of the previous tutorial. This one tries to show how the more advanced 3D calculations are done. The demo for this is pretty good too.
PXD05 (21.8Kb)
Putting up with mode 13h has always been a pain in TP. This tutorial explains how to move onto SVGA. However, be warned, SVGA is very slow.
PXD07 (49Kb)
A Wolfenstein like demo shows off the advanced racastings' abilities. The optimisations rise to their highest in this demo though, so I hope you know ASM!
APXD01 (29.5Kb)
WARNING, this tutorial is advanced. The tutorial shows how to move from XMS to EMS. Extended memory is far better because you can have access to a crazy amount RAM.
APXD02 (33.5Kb)
WARNING, this tutorial is advanced. This tutorial deals with the faster side of SVGA, VBE 2.0. With this you can have resolutions that blow your mind and colours that match the spectrum.
APXD03 (25.6Kb)
WARNING, this tutorial is advanced. Following on from the ability to show high colour, PXDTech3 shows how to do full PCX handling. This means ALL sub-formats of the PCX format.

TUGU is currently my main unit that I use for major 2D graphics. TUGU (The Ultimate Graphics Unit) has a great number of routines in it that are normally rare to find. The overall code is fast but not blazing. Among all the commands include...pixel routines, font routines and sprite routines.
TUGU (87.6Kb)

XVGA is a powerful 3D unit that hits warp factor because of its ASM source code. It does also posses some 2D routines that are faster than TUGUs. Not to mention that if you fancy a look at the source code, it is included. If you see their examples remember this. The examples do not do justice for the units' power. Even DjAttitude uses this unit for his engine!
XVGA (57.8Kb)